Chances of F1 Visa Approval After Previous Rejection?


Short Answer: Yes!

Several students have successfully received F-1 Visa after rejection.

The Key for F-1 Visa Approval after previous rejection is as follows:

  1. Figure out why F1 was denied in the first attempt
  2. If you can’t find the reasons, then chances of approval is subsequent attempts are pretty slim.
  3. Once you find the reason (or reasons), figure out if you can fix them!
  4. Could you fix them in 10 days or would it take months?
  5. Once you have addressed the weakness, then you can appear for the interview again.

Note: There’s no point in repeated attempts if you haven’t addressed you weakness or you haven’t figured out the weakness.

Have you seen, students appear at Visa Interview week after week (4 to 6 times) in a span of 2 months?

Even after 4, 5, 6 appearances at F1 interview, some students are clueless as to why their F1 visa was rejected.

And if your F1 is rejected one or more times, please don’t blame the visa officers.

You would often hear students say, " Everyone was getting rejected on that day ."

Maybe, you had a bad day at the interview or VO had a bad day. And if you are absolutely certain that you don’t have any weakness, then you can try again.

But, if there’s even a slightest of doubt in your mind about any factor, I mean even a slightest of doubt, you should think about it.

Consular Officers speak to 1000’s of applicants. They have trained to pick-out any weakness from your body language, facial expressions and DS-160, and answers to your questions. So, don’t blame them and take them for granted.

Instead, focus on what went wrong. How can you address those issues?

It could be Academics, Low Test Scores, Potential Immigrant intent or you flat out lied to them to your story doesn’t match.

Here are some examples:

  • F-2 Visa Interview. The applicant is Married. Sponsor is Mother. While Spouse has a full-time job.
  • F1 student’s sponsor is a distant relative and this student never met the uncle nor can’t answer what the sponsor is doing.
  • The F1 visa applicant failed in several tests, scores are really low and got admission in a low-quality school and no test scores!

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Can you please help me find out how to clear my F1 Visa interview. I have been rejected twice earlier


The visa application process begins with how meticulous you fill out your visa application. That 5 page DS-160 application seems and reads so straight-forward but it deeply entrenched with psychology that informs the Consular Office of the applicants TRUE intention especially on NON-IMMIGRANT visa. Most times, they have made their decision by the time you appear at the counter.

Seek expertise if you have no idea what is going on during the process.

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