Change of status problems with second masters


Hello Sir,

  This question is kind of unique to me but have seen a few people who are in this situation. - I completed my first masters from a good university and I used my one year opt and moved to H1B(cap exempt) after that. I worked on H1B for a year and my company was shutting down so I stopped working. Then I re applied for colleges and now I am on my second masters but this is a different field and this is also a good university(not a day 1 CPT college) I reapplied for studying because I am genuinely interested in this field and now I am reading about it that CPT on your second masters is seen as an abuse of the F1 visa program. I have just completed my first semester and want to make a career in this field so what will my situation be now? Am I not supposed to apply for CPT even if I get a genuine summer internship because that might cause problems on my future H1B processing? I really want to know this because as you know work experience is kind of a really big thing in getting a job. Thanks very much in advance for your advice.


Where is your question?