Doubts regarding my DS160 form



I had already submitted my DS160 form and paid my sevis fee and booked my slots. In the intended years of study, I had given it to be 24 months. However my I20 reads the duration to be of three years. All the other information in my DS160 form is correct and I had selected no for the question “do you have any specific travel plan” which allows me to approximate the answer. Should I submit a new DS160 or am I good to go with the old DS160 form itself?


1. Completion Date:

Refer to the following page What is I-20 -

What is the I-20 completion date?

The “completion date” is entered on item #5 of the I-20 based on a student’s particular major and degree level. This is an estimate of time the University feels it may take to fulfill all degree requirements. However, if a student is not able to finish the program on that date, an extension must be requested from Berkeley International Office at least one month before the completion date expires.

According to U.S. immigration regulations, the “completion date” is defined as the day final degree requirements are completed. The actual completion date may not necessarily be the day of the graduation ceremony or the date on the I-20 (In fact, many students actually finish degree requirements before the completion date on the I-20).

Undergraduate Students:

The completion date is considered to be the last day of final exams of the semester degree requirements are fulfilled.

Graduate Students:

The completion date is the day on which all degree requirements are fulfilled, such as filing the thesis or dissertation in the Graduate Division. If there is no research component to the degree program (such as in the MBA program or other professional schools), the completion date would be the last day of final exams of the semester degree requirements are fulfilled.

2. Travel Plans

That’s ok. You don’t have to buy tickets or arrange anything before the interview. This question will have value for someone going for a Conference, when they know exact dates or someone for a business triip. Where the Travel Plans would be set.

Any further questions?