F1 Visa Interview Tracking - December 2018


How did your F1 Visa Interview go? Share your results in the following format and include any additional profile specific details. Create One entry per F1 Visa Interview Attempt.

  • University:
  • Degree:
  • Major:
  • US Consulate:
  • Interview Date:
  • Attempt:
  • Type:
  • Result:

Here’s an example:

  • University: The University of Texas at Arlington
  • Degree: Masters in Computer Science
  • US Consulate: Chennai
  • Interview Date: December 21, 2018
  • Attempt: Second
  • Type: F1 Visa
  • Result: Approved after 7 Days on 221(g)

Additional Notes:

  • Don’t post your entire F1 Visa experience in this thread. Post only the Interview Results.
  • Create a New Topic to share your detailed F1 Visa Interview Experience.