F1 Visa Rejected in Hyderabad - 214(b) White Form - 4th Attempt


Happy Schools readers shared the following 214(b) F1 Visa Rejection White Slip after being rejected 4th time.

Read the highlighted section of the 214(b) rejection slip.

If there is no change in your profile since the previous F1 Visa interview, then it would be difficult to get the Visa.

So, it’s important to know “Why your F1 Visa was Rejected” in the first place.

Once you know the reasons, you can work to fix it.

There will be instances, where you did not make a strong case and you had the skills.


University: njit
Course : computer science

me : good morning mam!!
VO: good morning!! Pass me your i20 ( she was sweet and always smiling).
Me:I gave the i20.
Vo: so you are going to new jersey institute of engineering and technology??
Me:yes mam
Vo:Are you working?
Me: I haven Been working for the past 3 and half months as a software intern.
Vo: how is your internship(with a smile).
Me: it was great and I get to learn new technologies ( I have basically told what I have worked on).
VO: So,you are going to pursue computer science?
Me: I have actually told her that I am from an ece background and why I want to pursue in computer science and my specialisation.
Vo: what is your gre score?
Vo: what you want to do with your masters degree?
Me:I would like to be a data analyst in top companies.
Vo:she interrupted me and asked what is the job of data analyst.
Me: i have told her few points and also told her more experience and skills will definitely contribute to hike in salary.
Vo: here is your i20 and I am going to give you a 214 b form stating the reason.
Me:okay mam.

I think I messed up my last two questions and I haven’t really not thinking straight.


Sorry to hear about your 4th attempt rejection.

It’s not what happened with the the last two questions. It maybe because of what happened with the First 3 interviews.

Read the highlighted lines and 3 months of internship may not be sufficient to show what has changed in your profile.


  1. Most students wants to keep applying for F1 without any changes to profile.
  2. Take a 1 or 2 years break, improve yourself
  3. Try for Canada or any other country.