F1 visa undergraduate interview experience ( rejected)yellow 214b


F1 visa interview experience
Hyderabad consulate
Spring 2019 intake

Vo was African lady

And I don’t even wished…

Vo- passport please?

Me-given 2 passports

Vo-why do you have two passports?

Me-one is new one is old



Vo-what’s your gpa?


Vo-how many backlogs?

Me-I have completed my high school no backlogs

Vo-why do you wanna go for bachelors? I don’t know… is she asked this question?? i don’t hear properly …

Me-Us education system has blend of theoretical and practical knowledge. Diverse culture since it attracts students from all over the world. I will get more learning opportunities than people who going for masters. On the top that … she stopped me

Vo-53 percent …on that scale of what?

Me-100 …

Vo-have you been to us or out of India before?

Me- yes I have been to Us before on b1 b2 visa in 2016

Vo-who paid for your trip?

Me- my parents

Vo-what’s your father?

Me- my father is an government employee. Works as an xzy in xyz department

Vo-what’s your mother?


Vo-what’s his annual income?

Me- said xyz lakhs

Vo- how you gonna fund for your education?
I can’t hear her and asked to repeat the question… she repeated 3 times…

Me- my father have a savings of xyz lakhs and in addition to that I have loan of xyz lakhs and also my grandmother is sponsoring me . She have a savings of xyz lakhs.

Vo- typed for 10 seconds and said unfortunately I can’t approve your visa. Given yellow 214b See this paper for more info. Thank you . Next

Me-Thank you.

What went wrong? I got recjection because of My percentage is low in my 11 and 12 class?. I want to apply again in next intake fall 2019… could you please guide me like what changes I should to do? I’m trying to enroll in your f1 visa rejection review but the payment is not processing…


@Yuvaraj - Sorry to hear about your Rejection. Looks like you did not have a strong interview.

When VO has to repeat the questions multiple times, you tend to see rejections.

Maybe your communication skills were not strong enough to convince the VO.

And 53/100 is low score as well. For Payment Processing, you would need a credit card with Visa or Master Card. Rupay Card will not work.