F2 Visa Interview Experience - Approved - Mumbai - Mar 2019


Here I’m sharing my F2 visa experience:

Date - 12/03/19
Consulate - Mumbai

VO: Morning !!
Me: Good morning !!
VO: Please hand me your passport and both(F1 & F2) I-20.
Me: Handed her both passports(previous one and the recent one with the changed name after marriage) and I-20 of mine and my husband’s.
Goes through it for some seconds.
VO: You got married in 2018?
Me: Yes !!
VO: So how did you both meet?
Me: Told her how we met and for how long we have known each other.
VO: Can I see your Marriage Certificate?
Me: Yes sure !! (Handed her marriage certificate)
VO: What is he studying?
Me: He has already completed his studies. Told her what and from where did my husband studied.
VO: Is your husband working? ( This is very tricky question, here sometimes saying yes to ‘working’ can be a reason for rejection)
Me: Currently he is on OPT.
VO: For?
Me: Told the company. Also told her my husband’s role and position.
VO: Oh okay (and she looked highly satisfied and impressed with my answer)
VO: Can you pass me your husband’s passport?
Me: Yes, here it is. (Handed over passport)
VO was continuously looking at her computer. After that she gave me all the documents I handed to her except passport.
After few seconds,
VO: Okay your visa has been approved. I am keeping your passport with me. And you will get it within 3-4 business days.
Me: Thank you very much!

I was very very worried before going to the interview, but I was told to be only and only confident.

Go through all the documents, that are with you.

Know everything in-depth about you, your husband’s education and occupation.

Don’t lie anything in the interview.

Try and don’t talk to anyone when in a queue before the interview, they notice everything.

Wear a good smile and confidence on your face. And you are good to go and crack the interview.