F2 vs F1 visa, what are the odds of getting one?



I’m looking for some advice for my wife’s visa. She needs to know which would be a better option, F2 (I’m on STEM extension) or F1 (Certificate course at UCSC silicon valley extension)?
What are the odds of getting through each of these options?

Our first priority is F1. But F1 concerns me because its a certificate course, she already has a MBA from India so it made no sense to get a MBA again in the US.

Any help is much appreciated!


Hello @anshul2225 I see you also have a Call Scheduled. We will discuss in detail during the call.

I have seen F2 Rejection when spouse is on F1 OPT or STEM OPT.

And I have seen Approval in First Attempt.

Also, F2 rejected and approved in the second attempt.

It comes down to where you are working, F2 interview and how you present your case at the interview.

F2 Rejection could have impact on F1 Visa & Vice Versa.

So, it will be case by case basics.

I know someone with 3 F2 Rejections and One F1 Visa Rejection and husband is on Second Masters at Day 1 CPT.

What are you leaning towards?