Filling DS 160 with XYZ,LNU in h1b approval notice


Hello there,

I want to know what to fill in DS 160 in given name and surname, here are my details -

Passport - Given Name - XYZ, Family name (Blank)
F1 Visa - First name - FNU, Last name - Anurag
H1B Approval notice - First name - Anurag, Last Name - LNU

please advise !!


You would have to address this problem once for all.

Apply and get a new passport with given name and surname. Else, this will keep haunting you for ever. More time you spend in the US, you are building walls around you. And more official documents you name gets into, it becomes difficult.

Irrespective of the name in your H1b approval notice, I will fill as per the passport. And I would think this could delay your visa due to name mismatch.