Filling W4 Form - F1 Student on OPT



I got a job on Initial OPT. I got to know that Social Security and Medicare taxes are exempted for F1 students. Can you please share any article or video that explains step by step for W4 form filling.


Yes. you are correct. OPT Students on F1, and who have spent less than 5 years in the US are exempt from FICA taxes.

But, you can’t notify that using the W4 Form!

You have to call your employer (or the payroll processor) and they have to stop deducting the FICA taxes.

Here are two articles related to that:

What is W4:

It manages how much taxes they would like to withhold.

In the second article - you will see a sample paystub. And see below as well.

In that, you will see Under #2 - Federal Income Tax. W4 is used to determine how much money will be withheld as taxes.

W4 is Higher Number = Low Taxes will be withheld. (You may have to pay taxes)
W4 is low number = More taxes will be withheld (you may get a Tax refund when you file taxes)

How do you find the right number?

Requires a bit of math.

Your Gross Income, Your taxable Income, Deductions will give how much taxes you will pay on your earnings. That number must match the total taxes withheld.



Thanks alot Raghu, this is really helpful :smiley:


If they have deducted FICA taxes, you can request refund… takes really long time.

Please come back and update this thread after you have spoken with HR and what they have done.


I talked to HR and company’s payroll management team, they researched about this and they exempted me from FICA taxes on their side.


Enjoy the additional pay and save it wisely.