FREE Pre-Departure Orientation Guide for US Students


Is your F1 Visa Approved?

Are you traveling to the US as a student for the first time?

Worried about what to pack, what to expect in the Port of Entry?

Worry not.

For the first time, I’m giving away the Premium Pre-Departure Orientation Course 100% Free.

WARNING: This is the most comprehensive, practical and hand’s-on guide you will find. I have given a live demo of what Kitchen Items we use in our home, what not to buy from your home and what times you should buy in the USA. Have your parents watch this if they like to know what to buy and pack for you. Your Mom would really appreciate it.

Click Here to Get Pre-Departure Orientation for Students Going to the USA.

What’s included in the Travel Guide?

  • Over 4 Hours of Tips and Tutorials
  • Checklist with Packing Suitcase
  • Checklist for Buying things

Following is the Sales Video that was used to sell this guide. It gives a quick overview of what’s included in the Guide.

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