Got mail for F1 re-interview



I went for f1 interview on july 3rd 2019 vo took my financial documents and gave me 221g white slip after 10 business days got mail saying that re-interview.
Anyone help me what kind of re-interview for f1 ?

Thanks an advance


The Consular was verifying your financial statements to make sure they are genuine, belong to the account holder listed and has the funds as prescribed.

You re-interview will comprise of questions relating to finances. Who is sponsoring your education, relation to you etc.
answer wisely. The visa is yours to lose


Hello sir,

Thanks for reply but today i went for interview vo asked me only one question are u going to xyz unjversity? I said yes after that he gave me 214b refused and they cancelled my b1/b2 visa (cancelled without prejudice) what is this mean i donoo please help i am planning to book slot again .

Thanks an advance


Information on your DS-160 alerted him/her too. Also, depends on the last time you used the B-1/B-2 before you went to Embassy to apply for F-1.
Did you ever use the B-1/B-2 visa?

DUAL INTENT is the cause of the denial.
Would need more info to assist
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Thanks sir and what kind of ds160 info alerted him and i went to usa on b1/b2 for 41days.