H1B Transfer and Status change related questions

  1. Can my spouse H1B transfer can be done before October 2019 If it is approved with current employer? (She got an RFE with current employer and her employer going to reply RFE on coming Monday) The reason we are doing the transfer because she has a new job offer in Chicago (where I’m currently working).

  2. My spouse is on F1 EAD at present. Her F1 visa expired May 2019 but SEVIS active until Feb 13th, 2020. If her H1B is not approved, she can still work on a student visa. If my H1B extension denied, Can I become her dependent although she doesn’t have her valid F1 stamping but valid sevis/optcard/i20 valid until Feb next year?

  3. In case if she enrolls in CPT next year (if her H1B got denied in 2019), Can I still become her dependent, If my H1B extension is denied?

Please note that my H1B extension is in progress now.