H4 to F1 visa interview experience


Hi All, I just want to share my F1 visa interview which was done today. So this was my second visa interview within 8 months of time span for two different kind of visa. In the first month of this year I got my H4 approved and now it is F1. I was very nervous and unpredictable about what was to happen.Though I was prepared with my visa interview but there was still a glimpse of rejection fear in me. I had to prepare for both F1 visa interview well as with the questions related to my H4 visa/Spouse. Furthermore, as I was changing my field of study(major) for Masters so I had to be well versed with the strong reasons and answers to do so.

On the day of F1 visa interview:
As I entered the waiting room, I could see everybody dressed up in formal with passport and I20 in their hand. The room was full with F1 visa applicants and on each every counter there was 3-4 rejections with 1 approval. I could only hear about the universities, course, assets, loan, subjects and lastly "I cannot approve your visa".
My turn came in. The VO had rejected one F1 visa before me which made me more nervous.

Place: Mumbai Consulate
Time: 9.30 am

Me: Good Morning.
VO: Smiled.

Passed him passport and I20.

VO: Have you applied for a visa before?
Me: Yes. I had applied for H4. (Looking at screen and typing)

VO:Do you stay in US?
Me: Yes

VO: Where do you stay in US?
Me: Answered (Looking at screen and typing)

VO: How long have you been on H4?
Me: Told him.

VO: Where does your husband work?
Me: Told him (Looking at screen and typing)

VO: Do you have a bachelor’s degree? In what?
Me: Answered him.(Looking at screen and typing)

VO: Why did you choose this course?
Me: Sir, the number one reason for me choosing this course is that I have 4 years of experience in Healthcare Industry at a leadership level. I was working as Senior Team Leader in xyz company (Interrupted and asked me about my responsibilities) to which I was explaining him my duties (Interrupted and asked if i was a registered nurse) No Sir , I was worked in a Healthcare firm… (Again Interrupted)

VO: Who is sponsoring your education?
Me: My Husband.

VO: I am approving your visa and gave my receipt to collect my passport after 3 days.

Visa Approve.Done! No questions on University, Scores, Future Plans,Bank Statement and lastly Why H4 to F1
That’s it? I asked myself and walked out of the room with much bigger smile. I am extremely relieved as despite of my second stamping, Change of Visa Status and Change of field from undergraduate to Masters my hard work paid off.