How Did You get your Driving License in the USA?


Creating this topic and converting into a Wiki for others to post and edit.

So, a question to you all

  1. How did you get your Drivers License in the USA?

  2. Whose car did you use for the Road Test?

  3. Which State and DMV did you go to?

  4. What problems did you face and how did you overcome that?

The Reson for this Topic:

I am planning to rent a car from Enterprise using my valid Indian license. I have a learner’s permit and need to go to the DMV for my road test. I am on my STEM OPT (which is still under processing from USCIS). My last entry into the USA was on 11th Jan 2019. Can I use my Indian license to rent the car? Assuming that after every entry into the USA, can we can use foreign license for 6 months or is it for the first entry on the visa only (like my first entry on the student visa was in 2016)?

Here are a few responses:

Two things here :

  1. While you can rent an Enterprise off of your Indian license, it is usually at the discretion of the branch to deny or approve. It is another scene that most of them do ( I have rented in Austin, TX with no issues) .

  2. Some DMVs do not accept Enterprise / Hertz cars as a part of your road test. Again , this depends entirely on which state / DMV you are considering … state laws and DMV officer discretion come into play.

Honest advice : post on Fb / craigslist to pay someone for their car for ~2 hours. Less hassle.


I will start with my personal experience -

Rented the smallest possible car that I can rent. Shared the rental cost with 4 friends (by adding them as co-drivers). So, that will give insurance and the rental agreement. This was back in Arlington, Texas and we had to Parallel Parking then.

Different states have rules about using Indian DL to rent and drive the car. Rental agency would rent it for you, but would DVM accept that if you are driving alone for the Road Test? That varies from DMV to DMV.

So, I’m hoping this thread will help collect some details around that and became a resources for others to use.