How to Get F1 Visa Student Visa to Study in the USA?


Very Simple Question - How to Get F1 Visa to study in the US?

Here is your simple answer.

how to get f1 visa

Can you prove the following 3 things to the visa officer?

  1. You are an academically qualified student
  2. You have sufficient funds to pay for your education
  3. You are not a potential immigrant

Academic Qualification

  1. Test Scores
  2. Quality of University
  3. Grade Point Average
  4. Work Experience

Financial Ability

  1. Sponsors
  2. How are they related to you
  3. Annual Income

Potential Immigrant

  1. Your plans after Graduation
  2. Your intentions to study in the USA
  3. Previous experiences/Gaps/Career

It looks pretty straightforward with the above factors.

Now add your presentation skills and speaking skills into the equation for the visa interview.

Let’s look at few examples scenarios

  • A Student applying for a second Masters Degree
    • Visa Officer (VO) would question the reason for the second Master’s Degree
    • Is the student applying to a second degree just to immigrate to the US?
  • Spouse of F1 student applying for F2 Visa
    • Wife says that her mom is the sponsor and she’s not working
    • Husband is working on OPT
    • VO wants to know why is husband not sponsoring?
  • A student applies for F1 Visa - Applied to just one university
    • VO wants to know why the student applied to just one university
    • Serious student tends to apply to several universities
  • A student has good academic credentials and applies for the student visa at a US Consulate
    • Sponsor is dad’s friend
    • VO wants to know why is dads friend sponsoring
    • VO wants to know if the student has to repay the money and how would they repay

As you can see from the above scenario, even a simple visa interview that checks for 3 conditions becomes complicated with applicants unique situation.

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You know what, I cant take it anymore. I had my extension approved and now my visa got denied​:sob::sob::sob:i actually feel like dying, seriously. I didn’t even take all my clothes​:sob::sob::sob:


Oh! Sorry to hear that. Extension of F1 or H1B Visa? Can you post the visa interview details here?