How to Get More Job or Internship Interviews?


Do you want higher conversion rate for job applications to interview?

Here are few

  1. Don’t hide behind your resume
  2. Showcase your skills and accomplishments
  3. Connect & Stay Connected

Simple Right?

Don’t Hide Behind Your Resume

Resume used to be a document that was sufficient to get your foot in the door. Not anymore.

You need to show your personality to a greater extent.

Resume doesn’t convey emotions or showcase you as a person or problem-solving skills.

As an international student, you should overcome Visa Sponsorship roadblock.

And the only way to overcome that is by proving you the “best” person for the job.

Showcase Your Skills

In other words, it’s called Personal Branding.

Do you have an online presence that showcases your problem-solving skills?

Your Technical Expertise?

You have come to study in the USA, took courses and graduated with good GPA. But, those good GPA doesn’t translate to interviews.

You: “I went to this exotic place out in the Ocean.”

Friend: “Aweomse, do you have pictured?”

You: “Sorry, I don’t have any.”

In such case, “Exotic” lives only in as your experience.

Apply that to your job search. Your expertise when lives only within yourself and maybe in a resume, the world will not know what you are capable of.

Don’t wait for an interview to showcase your skills.

Take the other way around.

Show what you are capable of and the opportunity will come knocking.

Connect and Stay Connected

Aka Networking!

"Your First Day in the USA is your First Day of Your Job Search".

If you started building your network for 3 months or 1 week before your job search, it ain’t going to work.

Building your Professional Network is like growing a Tree.

If you want a delicious fruit from your tree, you should have planted the Tree years ago.

Then you have to water it.

Then add the required nutrients.

Then save it from any diseases and animals.

Then you can reap the benefits of your hard work with a delicious fruit.

Same goes for building a professional network and building relationship.

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