How to Send New Connection Request in LinkedIn?


Building your professional network is a must if you want to find a good job after graduation.

To date, LinkedIn remains the most powerful online platform to build a professional network for job search and referrals.

New LinkedIn Users

New LinkedIn users must be able to learn how to use the site effectively to build their network. Try to avoid the following mistakes before sending an invite:

  1. Sending Mass Invite to directly to New Users. [People usually don’t accept connections from strangers.]
  2. Ensure that your Profile is 100% Complete.
  3. Use your Full Name
  4. Please add a personal note in the connection request, unless you know the person very well.
  5. Don’t use shorthand words and chat slans with LinkedIn messages.

If you still want to send an invite a stranger, try to customize the message. Don’t use the standard message that LinkedIn provides. Include the following details in the message:

  • Brief intro about you
  • Reason for the invite
  • What you expect from them

It’s absolutely okay to send an invite without the above messages if you know them [a friend, colleague, etc.] personally, or else, don’t make the above-mentioned mistakes.

Very likely, those strangers to whom you’ve sent your invites will just hit the “I don’t know this User” button.

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