I Lost the STEM OPT Receipt Notice - How to Request Duplicate I797 From USCIS?


Hello friends, Need help!! I lost my original receipt I-797 for STEM OPT Extension (I-765), but I do have my receipt number on emails. Does anyone know how to request USCIS to resend it? Should I just call them? I am able to track it on my DHS account. But I need the original receipt to apply for Driver license extension.

Please be extra careful with your documents. The moment it comes to your hand, scan it and upload it to the cloud. And keep a copy of it in your email and image on your phone.

You have two potential scenarios here:

  1. Have not received the Notice from USCIS
  2. Received the Notice, but you lost it

In either case, you can file an online e-request to follow-up. This is a pretty new service and it’s awesome.

Have not received the USCIS Notice

You can follow the instructions here or file an e-request with USCIS.

Before this e-request service was introduced, you would have to file a duplicate notice request or make an info pass appoint to visit your nearest USCIS office. If you do file a request, please do come back to post a comment to update the timeline below.