Initial OPT request


I have mailed my documents to USCIS on December 10 .They got delivered on December 11 I forgot to mention my country of issuance for the passport (india ) in part-2 of the I-765 form . I have not yet received my receipt number. What should I do now ? Please suggest me how can I proceed now. Along wit the I-765 form I have sent all the other required documents such as I-94, passport copies, Visa copy, and I-20s. I had a talk with the USCIS representative. She told me to write a letter to the mailing address given on the Receipt notice explaining the situation .

Can you please let me know how should I proceed now ? what are the possibilities in this scenario. Looking forward to your response. Thank you so much.


You actually got the solution from USCIS representative. It’s better to be get the Receipt Notice, and send the updated details before RFE!

And you can choose to send a new I-765 form as well.

  1. Cover Letter (explaining the change)
  2. Copy of Receipt Notice
  3. New I-765 From

And wait for 3 months. I hope this helps.

Please do come back when this is sorted out to update this thread.


Thanks Raghu for the response.

Can I send a new I-765 form too ? along with a cover letter and a copy of receipt notice . Or should I just do as the representative says ?. ( Write a letter explaining the situation and asking them to update unfilled question ).

Are there any possibilities of denial of the initial OPT request?

Looking forward to your response.

Thanks & regards,
Santosh Kumar.


There is nothing wrong in being over prepared and sending additional documents. It should be stated in the cover letter that you are including the missing passport issue location (and attaching a new I-765 if they want to use the new form).