Is it good to go for Dropbox with petition that is valid for 6 months?



My current petition is valid until 24th October 2019 and I am planning to travel to India in April. Since my latest VISA is expired on 30th September 2018 I will be eligible for dropbox. But I wanted to know if there will be any issue with VISA stamping because of less pending validity(i will have 6 months of validity left when i go for dropbox in April) in my petition.



I doubt you will have an option to pick interview over dropbox. If the Traveldocs site offers you Dropbox, you would have to go with that. If required the consulate would ask you to appear for the in-person interview.

I don’t see any problem with 6 months validity. Are you eligible for Premium Processing? Can you wait, get your extension and then go for stamping?