Looking for Universities to pursue Masters in Pharmaceutical Science


Hello I am Sravanthi from India. Having 5+ years of work experience with Bachelors & Masters in Pharmaceutical Science Industry. Recently taken IELTS exam and got 6 overall score. Now looking for a career to pursue masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences, USA and targeting for fall admissions.

I am finding hardtime in getting the list of universities in usa, offering pharmaceutical science course with a decent fee structure.

Kindly please direct me to right resources and do the needful.

Thank You


In general finding list of universities is not an easy process.

We do offer services to help students apply for universities in USA.

Unlike typical consultants, we will guide you to find the righ schools. Let me know if you are interested?

Did you take GRE?


Hello Raghu,

I have not take GRE. What universities you suggest and how your services would be helpful to me.

Thank You


It maybe better option for you to work an agent locally. When you don’t have GRE, choice of schools and the quality suffers.


If you looking for the universities to know in detail about the colleges and the programs, you can go ahead and visit Gotouniversity.

Hope this helps you!