Lost Passport with F1 visa applying for H1 visa


I lost my passport with valid F1 visa in US. I applied for new passport with Embassy in US and got my new passport. I am going to apply for H1 visa this year with my new passport. However my F1 visa is invalidated as it is lost.

Will this create any problems with my H1 application?

Please, It will be really helpfull if you answer this question or provide suggestions on what steps to take. Thank you


Do you have a copy of F1 Visa stamp from your old passport. And copies of others pages as well?

In general, lost passport shouldn’t have any impact on new H1B application. Attorney would ask for the new passport details.

How long did it take to get the new passport and which Indian Consulate did you apply?


I have visa copy and passport first and last page copies. I applied for my new pasport in tatkal and it didn’t take long to recieve my new passport. Applied at Washington D.C consulate.


I think you are all set and good to go with H1B Visa application and the new passport. There should be an entry in your new passport about the old passport. Right?