Lost the Passport or Damaged Passport with US Visa. What's Next?


Lost your passport with US visa?

Or perhaps you washed the passport in the washing machine?

Or maybe there’s slight water damage.

So, what do you do?

I learned a valuable lesson when I was working at a customer site with the live production system control center.

They had a room with glass windows all around.

There’s only one way in with the key card access.

they had a very strict policy with respect to liquids.

Container with liquid of any form can’t come into the control center. They can’t afford downtime due to liquid spillover on keyboards.

How do I implement that lesson in my life?

Important document and papers will never be the proximity of the water.

Above all, the Passport should be in a case or travel bag that’s water resistant at times when you are not using. It has no place in your jeans or trousers.

So, what can you do if you have a damaged passport with US Visa?

damaged passport with usa visa

I washed my passport as well. I was on F-1 back then, I applied for a new passport through the Indian embassy in Houston and I traveled to India with the visa on old passport and they used my new passport for stamping.

I didn’t face any issues in the US and India except for once the airlines didn’t give me a boarding pass in Mumbai and they had to check with the airport security authority who said I’m free to travel in and out of country with the combination of my visa on old passport and the new passport.

How to get New Indian Passport

To start with, You cannot go to India without your new passport. You need a clear, clean passport to let you even check-in your baggage.

I faced a similar situation in September 2017. I was denied check-in, boarding.

Applying for a new passport in the US isn’t too tough and is pretty straightforward.

When coming from India you’d need to get your visa stamped again.

Go to your Indian Embassy or Consulate General of India closest to your location.

Each state is served by a Consulate General of India. Likewise, refer to the instructions for your country.

Apply for a new passport.

It could take about 2 weeks for you to get the New Indian Passport.

If your US Visa is not damaged, then you would be able to use the old Passport with the US Visa stamp for re-entry.

If the US Visa is damaged, then you may have to attend the Visa interview and get a new stamp on the passport.

If in case, you Lost the passport, then there’s no way to use the old passport. Which means you have to attend visa stamping.