My Journey - Layoff on H1B After GC Process started


To begin my story, I am an engineering graduate from India with dreams of studying abroad. Planned, Performed and Accomplished the ultimate goal of F1 visa on my Passport. In those days obtaining F1 visa was a “big deal”. With dreams of living a better life and carrying the hopes of entire neighborhood (As I was the second person in my entire neighborhood to go to USA and Study) started my journey towards my new school. Landed safely, took quick notes of accommodation and begin the ultimate goal of completing the University Study Plan. Every course in each semester contains a project, presentation, 5 assignments which was really tough compared to the standards what we peruse in India. Having said that I only struggled only in my first semester and after that it was piece of cake.

After completing two semesters, I got placed in an internship(mind you this is my first Job), after 2 months the Company “A” promised me a full time role once I complete my study. I was so happy, did not care to look for new role outside such that I worked really hard to keep up the reputation. Then I took December off and went back to India for holiday and came back. Now terms got changed, Company “A” flanked on their promise and said they are not willing to convert my position to full time role. Out of self-respect, I resigned 3 months prior to my Internship completion. Struggled for 3 months and had time on my side in completing my thesis and there after Master’s degree.

After 1 month into my completion of my Master’s degree, Obtained a Full time Role at Company “B” very near to my University. Whatever I am today, I have learned everything at Company “B”. Good Pay, Good Manager, Good colleague. They applied for H1B in Year 1,2 in my role – Was not lucky, Applied Again in Year 3 (Premium) – Lucky(there was 233K H1B petitions) this time. Picked and Approved. Happy and wanted to settle in Live and made a few plans in get married to love of Life. But July of Year 3, here comes the “Layoff Bomb”, Company B said, due to sales/revenue situation we want to eliminate your position. They offered me 3 month’s salary as severance with medical, dental, vision as package. I requested them can they just keep me employed for 3 months instead of 3 months’ severance salary such that I would enter the Oct 1st date and my status would be changed to H1B. I was so lucky and they helped in rehiring me again and begin to work for 3 more months.

Meanwhile, I was looking for new positions(only full time) and was placed in Company “C” on Sept 15 in a different state all together. On Oct 1st, Company “C” transferred my H1B and it was approved. I packed everything in my car and drove 1500 miles for two days and reached the new place. Started to work for Company “C”, after 4 months went back to India, got married, Me and My wife went to Visa Interview together – Both got approved and Came back to USA and setup the well awaited small family.

During my stay at company “C”, they started my GC process 2 months into the role, LCA was approved, PERM was applied. In December of that year there comes the “Layoff Bomb”. This time I did not ask for anything, took whatever they have to offer and conveyed my intentions to the HR person that “This is not new to me”. Now, I have someone to support me emotionally, Yes my Wife – Without her I would have been long gone my bags. I know you might be thinking what happened to my H1B status and all. This time, LUCK was on my side. I know, I have 60 days to find a new role. I was so adamant to not to go into consulting roles. Applied for a few full time roles. 20 days into the 60 day period, I got a call from a recruiter at 6PM in the evening. I told the recruiter that, if there was no call from you today, I would have be long gone as I was about to reserve my flight tickets to India. 30 days into the 60 day period, cleared interview, received the offer letter with a contingency that H1B should be approved in order to Join the Company “D”. Waited for 15 days received RFE, they took 3 months to submit the RFE and WOLAA…. H1B transfer was approved. Currently, I am working for Company D.

Moral of the Story: Never lose Hope and stick to honesty even though you are in bad shape as it would save you in really bad situations.


Thanks for sharing your story. It’s not easy when things doesn’t work as you had planned.

One of my co-worker was expecting their first child, and had purchased their first home and just moved in the home. His PERM was about to be approved. He was laid off. He eventually found a job, but that period of time will be tough and only you and your family will know the impact. Glad things have worked out for you.

Question to Readers: Have you endured similar situation? I like to hear your story. You can create a new topic to share the Moral of Your Story.