No Surname in the Passport and FNU in the Visa - Problems


Has anyone here gone through the FNU name change process while being in the US? If you’re willing to share your experience, could you please DM me or comment so that I can reach out to you? It would be super helpful, thanks!

The bottom line:

Please get a new passport with a Surname. Several Indian students have the passport just with their First Name (Given Name).

If you get your US without Surname (with FNU). Your Life will be close to Living Hell as DSO states below.

From a DSO:

This is a nightmare scenario. I hate it. So many students missing out on opportunities because of the government’s ineptitude in coming up with a standard operating procedure for non-Western name arrangements. It screws up almost anything you can think of as related to the F-1 experience: OPT, CPT, registrations, transcripts, visas, social security number, drivers license, school ID, credit cards, inadvertent SEVIS terminations, reinstatements.

From a Student with FNU

passport no surname fnu problems

You can find several Blog Posts that discuss this topic.

Get a New Passport with Surname

Link to this thread in the FB Group. Hope this helps.