Opt Travel overseas with no Job


Hi Iam on OPT right now and in job search. Iam so far done 6 months of my opt time. Currently Iam with a employer but have no paid job. I have to travel to India next month for 2 weeks for my brothers marriage. Is it safe to travel? What documents are required?


In general Attorney’s don’t recommend travel if you don’t have a “real job”.

Several OPT students have entered USA with proper documentation - pay stubs, offer letter.

I’m not sure how you are maintaining the status without a paid job. And you can’t afford to miss your brothers marriage.

If you travel, at POE they can ask about your job and employer. Even if unpaid, if you can answer about that, you may be allowed.

Can anyone tell you for certain, you can come back? Nope

Have people come back with similar scenario? Yes

Dos that mean you can enter without problems? It’s tough to say!