Received 221 g form, visa under administrative processing after 4 weeks


I went to Chennai consulate on Feb 4th for my H1B visa stamping interview. I had been working in US for last 4 years. VO gave me a 221g green slip and told me my visa is under administrative processing. I am still waiting to hear from them.
I am trying to figure out how long should I wait and if there is a course of action for me.
My B1 visa is still valid till August 2021. Can I travel back to US on this B1 visa and come back to Chennai once my H1B is approved?


221(g) Administrative Processing can take just few days or a very long time.

You can’t really do anything, but wait. Only update you can get is Last Updated Date on the CEAC site for your DS-160 confirmation number.

It has to run its course of verification and then Decision.

Do you have any questionable employment or schools, etc? What about your employer?

If you have a clean record, then you should expect approval. But, when? You just have to wait.

B1/B2 travel? I don’t know. you should ask your company attorney or one of our Attorney via Ask An Attorney service.

Good luck.

what documents did they ask you to submit?


Hi Raghu,
VO officer asked for the approved 797, my pay stubs, end client letter, last year’s W2, I provided all those. He did ask for the LCA which I unfortunately did not carry.
He asked me to wait for a few minutes and was checking something in the system and also went inside to talk to another person.
He called me back and gave me the 221g and said my visa is going for admin processing and will take a few weeks. He did not ask for any additional docs.
I do not have anything missing or not appropriate in my employment or school records.
Mine is a consulting job, I am guessing that could be the reason for more scrutiny.



My guess - Consulting and maybe your employer is under some sort of target!

If VO says few weeks, then you got to sit tight. Are you working from India?

You have to carefully review every question that asked you. Answers would be there to see what they were looking for. Write down each and every questions they asked you during the interview.