Should I Change to Computer Science Degree in Masters?


Question: Myself graduated in Civil engineering and I am going to do my MS in IT field. Could anyone of you suggest me whether I should change or not and the Conditions or situations going to Effect me after coming to the US?

Changing Majors from Bachelor’s Degree to Masters Degree.

I have personally seen this happen with my friends.

Here are three recent examples from my social circle:

  • Electrical Engineer to Computer Science
  • Chemical Engineer to Computer Science
  • Textile Technology to Computer Science
  • Geo-Informatics to Computer Science

What to Expect when you switch Majors:

When you are moving to the USA for Graduate School and changing your major for your Grad School compared to Under Graduate program, there could be pre-requisite courses.

I have seen some students take 2-semesters worth Computer Science (UG ) courses before they were allowed to register for Graduate Level Courses.

That’s added expenses and time.

All four of my friend in the examples have a successful career as Computer Science Graduates.

The initial effort and motivation are required.

There will be the difference between someone writing a software program with 4 years of training and 2 semesters woth of training and education. That difference can be overcome with effort and learning.

Expect to struggle through the first two semesters of course work.

I would suggest completing a few online programming courses from before applying for CS graduate program.

If you have a couple of years of work experience as Software Engineer, it can help you avoid a few pre-requisite courses as well.

Salary and Job Opportunities in the USA for Computer Science are definitely better when compared to Civil Engineering or other engineering fields in general.

Civil Engineer without any work experience with Masters Degree should get $10k to $20k less than a Software Engineer for the same location. And this difference will be seen throughout the Career.