[Solution] OPT Card USPS Delivered, But Not Found in the Mail Box


Question: How can approval letters arrive with no issues but the EAD card with tracking get lost even it shows delivered?

I’m sure there are 100’s of such reported instance. Here’s how an applicant found a brilliant solution when she figured out that the card was delivered but it was not found in her mailbox.

After placing the note on the mailbox and inserting same letter in each mailbox #, someone finally called. USPS delivered my card in his mailbox.

Here is the actual note she left on the mailbox.

And the same thing happened with another person as well.

This happened to my wife too. We literally knocked doors of our neighbors until they found in one of their boxes. USPS folks are unbelievable.

And at least two other people weren’t lucky.

usps lost stem otp ead card

On 29 September, I got a notification from USPS stating that my EAD card delivered in the mailbox but later when I checked, it wasn’t there and my mailbox was empty. After that I contacted USPS they said that they will investigate and let me know but they never did. Technically, now USPS lost my EAD card. I checked with all my neighbors too but I couldn’t find it.