Specialty Occupation RFE



My my new employer applied for a H1b transfer and extension and I received a RFE for this application citing details on Specialty Occupation.

Case received - Jan 22 2019
RFE mailed - Mar 4 2019

I have read online about what exactly they might be asking, I am not worried about the Job in question, I am fairly certain it is a high skilled IT job and the employer will submit expert opinion letter corroborating it. I am worried about my qualification
My qualification:
Bachelors - Electrical Engineering(4 Years)
Masters - Information Systems(1 year)
Work Experience - 7+ years

Do you think my Bachelors degree being a non IT one might affect the chances of getting an approval for my transfer?



Hey… thanks for posting.

You have hit all the right points in your question.

You have Masters Degree. It it from the USA? Then you may have to provide additional documents mapping your courses and degree to job duties.

Plus, employer and attorney can also make use of skills you gained from your work experience.

This where the quality of attorney comes into play :slight_smile:

And, finally, you can’t change past right?

You have RFE today and you have to work with 1 Year MS + 7 Years Work Experience to make the case for your qualifications to perform the complex job.


Once you attorney have put together all the documents, you can, if required get it reviewed by another attorney (just in case).


Thanks for the prompt reply Raghu.

Yes, I did my Masters from a US University(Georgia State).

These are all pretty helpful pointers, I ll get in touch with the attorney to make sure they have this.


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