Touch Typing - Challenge


Hey Folks!

I have a personal goal for this year - Learn Touch Typing!

My productivity can double just by doubling my typing speed! And, it’s not good to be a blogger without the touch typing skill (shame on me).

I have tried and failed on several occasions in my life to learn touch typing. Not this time around. That’s why I’m posting publically. New habit formation requires accountability and this thread is my accountability.

Do you want to take this challenge with me?

I’m using to practice.

I will be posting a screenshot every day in this thread after I spent 10 to 15 minutes of practice.

I know I can’t reach 80 words per minute in 30 days. But, I want to show up every day and practice. Speed will be the outcome of the effort.

If you want to join the Challenge > Create an account in this forums and start posting the screenshot of your results after the Practice Session.

Jan 26, 2019 - Update


Today’s Practice Time - 20 Minutes. “Y” was bit challenging today!


Jan 28 - Day 3 - Hot 40 words/min with troubling letter “Y”. That’s good progress.

Using the wireless mack keyboard is bit tough. Keys are small compared to the wired keyboard!


Jan 29 - “y” was better today. “p” was terrible!


I did not post the update for last 2 days. But, I did not cheat as well. It did not spend a lot of time (about 5 minutes each). The Indian student’s Arrests, ICE Raid, University of Farmington took precedence over typing practice.

Here’s the link to my public touch typing practice profile.


I’m still at this. I slacked for few days. Here is the latest.User_profile


I’m getting better at letter P.

When starting out for the letter P, it was tough going. Today I was able to reach 39 words minute. Going from the letter p to i is causing difficulties. #morepractice