Waiting for I20 - F1 visa Interview Deadline - Classes Start on Jan 7


I have an admit for spring semester,the class start date is Jan 7. I will be getting I20 by December 2nd week. And I will be able to get F1 visa interview 15 to 20 days after that.

  1. Is there a deadline for applying to F1 visa wrt class start date

  2. Will my chances of securing visa reduce If I am applying in the last moment

Kindly help me with these queries

  1. Your university will have a Mandatory International student orientation. You have to attend that. So, you should arrive in the Us before that. some schools might give you extension and a letter for you to arrive upto 15 days after the classes have started.

  2. Chance of F1 Visa approval doesn’t depend on when you apply. But, if you are applying too close, VO might ask you. In that case, you need a letter from the university.

  • How many schools did you apply?
  • How is your university sending the I-20? Do they have express service?