What documents to carry while Traveling on H1B Visa for the Port of Entry?


Here’s a list of documents that would apply to the majority of the traveler’s on H1B Visa. Depending on your job and nature of work, you may require additional documents.

  • Valid passport
  • Valid H1B Visa Stemp (unless you are eligible for automatic visa validation)
  • H1B Visa Approval Notice
  • Letter to USCIS from your Employer (it’s in the H1B Visa PAckage)
  • Form I-129 (H1B application From)
  • Approved LCA for H-1B
  • Proof of employment
    • Employment Verification Letter
    • Above letter could include title, pay, and date of hire at the minimum.
    • Recent Pay Stubs (3 months)
    • Offer Letter
  • If you were a student before COS to H1B:
  • All I-20’s, OPT/STEM OPT I-20’s
  • EAD Cards (OPT and STEM OPT if available)
  • Additional Documents:
    • Business cards of my colleagues, HR and Directors

If you are working at Client Location, CBP may ask details about you Client, Employer-Employee relationship.

For the most part, CBP officer would check your Passport, Visa Stamp and H1B Visa Approval Notice.

Please check your I-94 form online after you have entered the US to make sure the date on the form matches your H1B Expiry date. There are instances where CBP offer entered the incorrect date.