What happen if L1 to H1 Change of status got denied?



Currently I am working for company A for the client A with L1-B visa & I-94 till (Dec -2020) .

And now i applied for new H1 with some consultancy B and got receipt notice.

I have 2 questions,

  1. What happen when my petition got denied ? Can I still work with L1?
  2. Even if I got H1 , am planning to work for client A. so, can I process my visa transfer immediately to some other consultancy B associated with my client A? Will my L1 become invalid immediately once my petition got approved?


Congrats on Lottery Selection.

If your petition is filed with COS - then when H1 is approved and COS is approved, then you will go to H1B automatically.

If H1 is denied, mostly you will stay back in L1 status.

Transfer - I would wait until you start working on H1B and then apply for Transfer.


Why do you want to apply for new company before H1 starts?