What should be the mailing address on DS160 for H1B Visa Stamping?


Extended Question:

My H1B got picked and approved this year. I am on my initial OPT. I want to go to India for Visa Stamping in a month or two. From what I understand my change of status occurs on October 1st. I have a full-time job. I completed my Masters in December 2017. Is there any guide for filling the DS-160? There are a few questions that I am unsure of like - mailing address (should it be US or India address), travel plans, estimated arrival date.

Short Answer:

  • Address: You would be attending the H1B Visa interview in India, so the address would be the local India Address. This goes to H4 or H4 to F1 as well.
  • Travel Plans: Since you are already living and working in the US, you would buy a Round Trip Ticket (I assume), so that would be the travel plans.
  • Estimated Arrival Date - Your planned return date as per the return ticket.