Who Can Train STEM OPT Students at Client Site or Location?


I work for Company A (which is a staffing firm)
Company A places me in Company B (so now I become a contractor at Company B)
I am being trained by a Full-Time Employee in Company B

Is that allowed or not?

Who Can Training STEM OPT Students at Client Site?

According to USCIS, following scenario, where the Employee or Contractor of the Client is providing training is not allowed.

As per USCIS, training for STEM OPT students should be provided by an Employee of Company A or a Contractor of Company A, located at the Client location.

stem opt training employee location

Warning : If you are working at Client location while in STEM OPT and training is not provided your Employer, then you have to sort things out ASAP. If you don’t have an Immigration attorney, you can use Ask an Immigration Attorney service from Happy Schools.